The story of a French Louis XV chair… and how it reminds me of me.

When I got my hands on this French Louis XV chair, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of neglect and misuse that such a beautiful object had received. What went wrong in this chair’s life to get to this point? I knew right away that this one project would be a huge labor of patience love.

I began by stripping the entire chair layer by layer. The decorating tacks were the hardest part to remove. My husband, who is my ultimate resource when I get stuck on a project, created a wonderful tool for me to tackle this job. (For those whom rather find the tool and just buy it, you can find it here.)

After hours and hours of work, the chair was down to the bones and for the first time in this process… I felt hope!


I began by painting the entire body with Martha Stewart’s chalk paint in linen. Usually when painting carved furniture with chalk paint, the results look pretty flat. You have to take a few extra steps for the piece to look alive and vibrant again.

I decided that rather than distressing the wood, I would dry brush it with a metallic silver paint to highlight all the beautiful details on this piece. If you are wondering what dry brushing is all about, check this video by Refunk my Junk.

I then redid the entire chair webbing, covered it with burlap, added a comfy brand new 3″ foam for the seat and 1″ foam for the back rest; and finally a thin layer of batten.


It was then ready for the final touches… I had envisioned a chair that could easily be dressed up or dressed down and decided to go with a thin stripe gray and linen fabric and matching trim. It has a little bit of that farmhouse look that is so coveted these days, but it is also the kind of chair that can fit in a fancier setting and still be ok.

This chair reminds me a little bit of me… after I was sick for a long period of time (some day I will talk about this subject in depth), I felt like I almost had to be stripped layer by layer, down to the bones and redone entirely. I needed some new paint, some pearly dry brushing  to highlight my – once dulled by the illness – best details and some new foam and fabric to give me a new life. The extra tools came from the huge amount of support I received from my doctors, family and friends, but the true outcome came from within… from myself, my biggest and most needed labor of patience and love.

Just like this chair, today I feel ready for life, for hope, for new beginnings and for a long lasting smile inside and out.


An urban approach to home decor

Today I was inspired by Mike Montgomery from to build awesome concrete planters. However, my brain took me one step further and it lead me to play with some beautiful snow white soy candle wax I bought from New Directions Aromatics.


Mike’s directions were perfect for me as it was my first time using concrete. And after making the containers, I knew candles would be the right thing to fill them with for the finished look. I love them because they have an urban flair that only concrete can give, and they are stylish and simple yet full of character.

If you have not worked with concrete to create home decor yet, I want to encourage you to give it a try. It is lots of fun….messy fun though!



An object of my affection



Not everyday does someone have the privilege to look at a table they have had for 20 years and say I will not part with it. After a few moves from country to country, my beautiful storage table was looking tired and ready for a new life. Of course, while browsing through Pinterest my brain totally new what to do… a brand new look… maybe industrial since it is the decor theme to do these days.

I found these wonderful industrial steel casters on Amazon (link here) and from then it was easy to envision the entire look. Because my husband and I moved so many times, the top of the table was completely warped due to the weather and humidity changes between cities. This meant an entire rebuild of the top was in my wood working future.

I also wanted a much needed updated look. Did anyone think chalk paint? Rustoleum in Charcoal was my choice and the wheels…? Yes, the casters and the metal hinges needed a special treatment too. My local hardware store, which by the way my family calls “Mama’s second home”, had some awesome metallic spray paint in rubbed bronze satin.

It took me about 2 days of working some hours here and there and today I am so happy this home object has a new look and will hopefully be with us for 20 years more.



A creative brain never sleeps!

Thanks for joining me! As I sit here writing my first post I wonder…will my brain ever be understood for what it is? An explosion of ideas, a constant source of images (sometimes scary ones), a necessity of transforming old things and creating new ones. Some people call it “being out of focus”, I call it extreme passion for learning new things every day.

This is a blog dedicated to all of those people whose brain takes them on a wild creative journey every day. Join me as I try to give my creativity some focus, and as I connect my brain with my four other senses to bring to life what God has imprinted in my brain.

Thanks for being here with me!

Yeka B.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton